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Today's iOS Developer Resources

Today's iOS Developer Resources

1. Framework Providing A Lightweight Node.js Compatible Server That Runs Within iOS Apps
A framework allowing you to create a Node.js compatible javascript server that runs within your iOS Objective-C apps.
You can find neu.Node on Github here with detailed information and an example project containing several different demonstration servers including a chat server, and a streaming video server.
After loading up the demo project and starting a server you'll find it running at port 8000.
2. Example: Rendering The Milky Way Galaxy On iOS Devices Using OpenGL ES
An example demonstrating how to render the massive Milky Way galaxy in full 3D using OpenGL ES and running on the iOS platform.
You can find the OpenGLMilkyWay example on Github here.
You can find this example in use in Hanno's impressive ExoPlanet app.
There's a PDF included in the Github repository providing some slides explaining a bit more into the techniques used for this impressive exa…

Today's iOS Developer Resources

Today's iOS Developer Resources

1. Tool: Highly Configurable Objective-C Source Code Beautifier With Easy To Set Options
A Mac OS X tool providing a an easy to use GUI for working with the Objective-C compatible code beautifier Uncrustify.

You can download a binary for UncrustifyX here and you can find the source for the project on Github here.

You can find a gist containing an example Objective-C configuration to get you started on Github here.

The original Uncrustify source code beautifier tool can be found here.

An excellent tool for code beautification that you can easily configure to your liking.
2. Open Source Library Using ReactiveCocoa Providing An Alternative To iOS 6′s Auto Layout
An open source library utilizing the Objective-C reactive programming extensions project ReactiveCocoa providing an alternative to iOS 6's auto layout for automatically laying out views.

You can download ReactiveLayout along with a couple of examples on Github here.

While you might be perfectly satis…

Today's iOS Developer Resources

Today's iOS Developer Resources

1. iOS Library For Automatically Generating A Color Scheme From An Image Like iTunes 11
An iOS library allowing you to automatically generate a color scheme from an image inspired by how iTunes 11 does this with photo albums.

You can find LEColorPicker on Github here.

You can find the original question/answer thread explaining the algorithm over at StackOverflow.

Not completely identical to iTunes 11 color picking, but still does a great job.
2. iOS Library For Easy PDF Report Creation Using HTML With Template Support
A library for easily generating PDF reports accepting HTML with simple templating.

You can find PDFReportKit on Github here.

A nice easy to use library for quickly generating PDF reports.
3. Example: Displaying A 3D .OBJ Model In Cocos2D iPhone v2.x (W/Zooming, Rotation, And Movement)
An example demonstrating how to load and display an OBJ model in Cocos2D iPhone v2.x.

You can find and download the example through this thread in the Cocos2D iPhone…

Today's iOS Developer Resources

Today's iOS Developer Resources:

1. Tutorial: Working With iOS User Data APIs (Location, Calendar, Address Book, Photos)
A tutorial with example demonstrating how to use the iOS user data APIs to gather location, calendar, address book and photo data.
You can find the tutorial over at the Captech consulting blog here.
A nice straightforward guide an example for working with the various data APIs on the iOS platform.
2. iOS UI Control For Providing Map Annotations, Callouts And Other Details Within A Clean Interface
An objective-c iOS UI control providing an easy way to create a map view with location information, annotations and callouts.

You can find Locations With Map on Github here.
The control is inspired by the FourSquare's checkin view and provide's an easy solution for providing location details.
3. Open Source iOS UI Control For Creating A Customizable Circular Menu
An objective-c iOS UI control for easily creating circular menus.

You can find KYCircleMenu on Github here.
IF y…

Today's iOS Developer Resources

Today's iOS Developer Resources

1. Open Source iOS UI Control For Easily Creating A Mosaic Style Interface

An open source control that makes it easy to create a mosaic style user interface control.

You can find MosaicUI on Github here.

Included is a sample project – a quick project for getting a Mosaic style interface up and running.
2. iOS UIColor Category Adds Hex Value Support (With Or W/O Alpha) Color Comparisons And More
An objective-c UIColor category adding a number of helper values allowing you to use hex values, perform color comparisons, and more.

You can download ColorUtils on Github here.

Included is a sample project showing ColorUtils in action – very straightforward to use.
3. iOS UI Control Easily Allowing You To Create Alerts Mimicking iOS 6 Notifiication Views
An open source control allowing you to create notification views like the native iOS notification views shown when the user receives a push notification.

You can find MPNotificationView on Github here.

Another great con…

Today's iOS Developer Resources

Today's iOS Developer Resources
1. Safari/Chrome Extension Allows You To Hide/Rename Apple Provisioning Portal App IDs
A handy Chrome/Safari extension that allows you to hide and rename App IDs in the iOS provisioning portal since Apple won't let you delete or rename them.
If you're using Safari you can download the extension here.
If you're using Chrome you can get it from the Chrome Web Store here.
You can find the source on Github here with links to the latest versions.
A simple plugin that can be a great help if you've got a lot of App ID's clouding your view in the provisioning portal.
2. Open Source iOS UI Control Providing Evernote Folder Style Navigation
An iOS UI control inspired by Evernote allowing you to make a navigation controller that looks like a stack of files complete with animations.
You can find KLNoteViewController on Github here.
A great looking navigation control providing a large level of customization.
3. An Open Source iOS Image Cropping UI Contr…

Today's iOS Developer Resources

1. Source Code For Xcode Injection Plugin Released – Allows You To Tweak Running Apps

An Xcode plugin (now open sourced) allowing you to tweak code running in the simulator or device and see the updates without the need to re-compile.
You can find the source code for Injection on Github here.
You can download Injection itself from the homepage here - this is a premium plugin, but very reasonably priced at $9.99->$25.00 considering the time it can save.
2. Free Tool For Building iOS Regular Expressions (NSRegularExpression) That Actually Work
A tool for building regular expressions on Mac that uses the same regular expression engine as the iOS SDK's NSRegularExpression so you can be certain your Regular expressions work properly. You can download the source for the NSRegexTester tool on Github here.
You can read more about the tool on Aaron's blog here.
A great help for avoiding the frustration with building regular expressions that end up not working.
3. Example: How To Implement A …

Today's iOS Developer Resources

1. Scripts For Generating Javascript and C/Objective-C Bindings
A set of Python scripts for generating Javascript and C/Objective-C bindings so you can access any Objective-C code through Javascript (run through the SpiderMonkey interpreter) and the other way around.
You can find Javascript Bindings for C/Objective-C on Github here.
You'll also need SpiderMonkey (the SpiderMonkey link in the readme appears incorrect but I believe this is the right version) and JRSwizzle.
Full details on how to generate the bindings and use them in your projects are on the Github page along with some examples.
2. Open Source iOS UI Control For Social Sharing With Catchy Animations
 user interface control providing a stylish way to present the user with social buttons using a catchy blooming animation.
You can find KLEXpandingSelect on Github here.
Another similar control you might want to take a look at is AURosetteView with a different petal design/animations.
3. Handy Library Providing Many Different Custo…

Today's iOS Developer Resources

1. iOS UI Control For Creating Windows 8 Metro Style Animated Buttons
An open source control for creating buttons that look and respond like Windows 8 metro buttons complete with animation and tilting based on the user's touch location.
You can find DBTileButton on Github here.
A nice example of how to create great looking animated buttons.
2. Open Source iPhone Color Picker Control Combining Grid, Rotary, And Slider Approaches
An open source iPhone color picker control that combines the grid, rotary and slider approaches to make the color picker more

You can download the Neovera ColorPicker through the homepage here.
A color picker that works extremely well on the iPhone's smaller screen.
3. Open Source Xcode Plugin That Helps Visualize Autoresize Masks Created programmatically
An Xcode plugin that allows you to visual resize masks created in code by mousing over the autoresize variable.
You can download Autoresize Mask for Xcode on Github here.
Glad to see that more and more …