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Modern (“Metro”) Style Icons for WP and Win8

When building a Windows Phone or Windows Store app, one of the key things you might need are icons for your application bars (or other buttons); there are some good places to get different sets of icons from, including Syncfusion's Metro Studio, but there is one place I like to get my icons from for both types of projects. The Solution I've found the place to get a huge selection of different icons is from, a website run by Austin Andrews (@templarian), which, at time of writing this, has nearly 1000 icons that can be used. Now if the choice of icons alone isn't enough to sway you, then how about this: when you download the icon pack, you not only get light and dark png versions of each icon, you also get a .design (Expression Design) file and a .xaml file of the same icons. Where might this be useful?
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