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Behavior-Driven Development with SpecFlow and WatiN

As automated unit testing becomes more ubiquitous in software development, so does the adoption of various test-first methods. These practices each present a unique set of opportunities and challenges to development teams, but all strive to establish a "testing as design" mindset with practitioners. For much of the test-first era, however, the method for expressing the behavior of a user has been through unit tests written in the language of the system—a language disconnected from that of the user. With the advent of Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) techniques, this dynamic is changing. Using BDD techniques you can author automated tests in the language of the business, all while maintaining a connection to your implemented system. Of course, a number of tools have been created to help you implement BDD in your development process. These include Cucumber in Ruby and SpecFlow and WatiN for the Microsoft .NET Framework. SpecFlow helps you write and execute specificatio…