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Friday, August 7, 2015

iBeacons Tutorial with iOS and Swift

Have you ever wished that your phone could show your location inside a large building like a shopping mall or baseball stadium? Sure, GPS can give you an idea of which side of the building you are in. But good luck getting an accurate GPS signal in one of those steel and concrete sarcophaguses. What you need is something inside of the building to let your device determine its physical location. Enter iBeacons! In this iBeacons tutorial you'll create an app that lets you register known iBeacon emitters and tells you when your phone has moved outside of their range. The use case for this app is attaching an iBeacon emitter to your laptop bag, purse, or even your cat's collar — anything important you don't want to lose. Once your device moves outside the range of the emitter, your app detects this and notifies you. To continue with this tutorial, you'll need to test on a real iOS device and an iBeacon. If you don't have an iBeacon but have a second iOS device, you might be able to use it as a beacon; read on!

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