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Monday, April 29, 2013

Writing Games With Unity 3D in JavaScript and C# – Part 1

Unity is a development environment for creating professional-level games. It is built on top of MonoDevelop, and utilizes it to achieve the deployment of the same code to many platforms. Unity comes in two versions, but this post will focus on the free version with no add-ons. The free version (which is the one I use) supports out-of-the-box deployment to Mac, Windows, Linux, Web, and Google Native (a Chrome technology for deploying without plugins). Additionally (as of this writing), for $400 each deployment to Android and iOS (both iPhone and iPad) is available. If you are part of a team, a team license that adds collaboration capabilities to share assets is available for $500. The free version supports multiplayer games, physics, 3D audio, animation, Direct3D 11, shaders, light mapping, and terrains among other useful features. If you happen to be an XBox360, PS3, or Wii developer, you can deploy to those platforms as well, although I don't know the licensing details. Unity Pro is a $1,500 license and extends Unity with many high-end capabilities like level of detail (LOD), automatic path finding, high end audio filters, video playback and streaming, IK animation, 3D textures, realtime shadows, and many other professional features. The Android and iOS licenses for the pro version are $1,500 apiece and support features that the $400 versions do not.

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