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How I Built the Paint 4 Kids Windows Store App Using Only HTML5 and SVG

Paint 4 Kids is a Windows Store app specifically designed for kids. It's a simple app for coloring and drawing. You can read about its features directly on the Windows Store site, where you can also see some screen shots. For this article, you can simply think of an app that has several drawings that you can interact with. From a technical perspective, Paint 4 Kids is built entirely using standard Web technologies, like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SVG. Consider an important aspect here: with Windows 8, we write an app using our Web skills and we develop for the Web platform using the underlying HTML5 support of the Internet Explorer 10 rendering engine. So, one immediate benefit is that we do not have to test and support all the different browser versions or use any polyfills to emulate the new API features in old browsers. We can use the best of the Web platform and also some specific Windows 8 APIs directly in JavaScript.
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