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Today's iOS Developer Resources

Today's iOS Developer Resources:

1. Open Source iOS Control For Easy Paging Custom Grid Views

An open source grid view control from Scribd allowing for cells of different sizes set up by an easy schema with built in paging.

You can find the control SCPagingGridView on Github here.

You can see SCPagingGridView in use in the Scribd app.

The control is documented on the Github page, and included are a couple of example projects.

2. Open Source Control For Creating A Paper Fold Style Slide In Navigation Menu

An open source control providing a tab bar replacement that creates a menu that slides out from the side with a folding paper transition.

You can find PaperFoldMenuController on Github here, and read more about it on the developer honcheng's website here.

A great looking control for app navigation.
3. High Performance Map Kit Annotation Clustering Library
An open source library providing a high speed map kit annotation clustering library to prevent lagging in maps with many different ann…