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Easily create a Modern UI with RadControls for WPF using RadTileList

Telerik's RadControls for WPF and Silverlight recently released a new control in Q1 2013 called RadTileList. Simply put, if you want to achieve the Modern UI Style for your XAML applications (WPF & Silverlight), similar to the start menu screen of Windows 8, then RadTileList has you covered. It displays tiles in a mosaic manner and allows the end-user the ability to smoothly scroll left or right with a gesture, or they can be reordered by using drag and drop just like in Windows 8. You can use RadTileList with a touch screen monitor as well as a mouse without forcing your users to upgrade to a new OS. Before jumping in, you may want to download a trial of RadControls for WPF or Silverlight. The source code is also available here.
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