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Today's iOS Developer Resource

1. Open Source iOS Library Allowing You To Create A UIView With A Stylish Spotlight Effect
An open source user interface control providing a UIView that allows you to provide a stylish spotlight effect on any specified point within the view that can be turned on/off and moved to different locations.

You can find MLPSpotlight on Github here.
A nice easy way to create a spotlight effect.
2. Open Source Library For Easy Two Way iOS App Communication Schemes
A library simplifying inter-app 2 way communications that provides helpers for using the X-callback-URL scheme that is used by apps such as Google Chrome and Instapaper.
You can find InterAppCommunication on Github here.
A great library if you're looking to set up two way communications with other apps.
If you've created, or come across any iOS developer resources that you'd like to share you can submit them in below comment section.
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