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HTML5 Bar Chart

When programmers face a problem they have already solved before, they usually rely on code reuse, and obviously, on their own previously acquired software knowledge, to build new software. As software development becomes mature, the code reuse routine often becomes a more standardized process which includes techniques, collections of implementations and abstractions such as software libraries, design patterns and frameworks, so that other people in the developer's team can take advantage of the common knowledge/code implementation reuse. When it comes to JavaScript development, the presence of the ubiquitous jQuery library can sometimes lead to the development of plugins, which are a broader kind of code reuse, because they can be made public and help a much wider developer community. This article approaches two separate and very distinct programming capabilities: the first one is the ability to design your own jQuery plugin (that is, extending the usefulness of the jQuery'…

ASP .NET Plotter - HTML5 Charting for all

Nowadays, There are a plenty of Javascript charting libraries. Justly, this article aims to show you how you can integrate Javascript charting libraries in ASP .NET and build your own charting controls depending on your flavor and your needs.

This article describes the architecture and the source code of the released versions. Each version has its own section. Each section describes mock-ups, client side code, server side code and some concepts.

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