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SignalR - Simple Chat Application in C#

Hello friends, today I am going to explain to you how to create a simple chat application using SignalR. Before looking at the code and understanding, let's try and understand what "SignalR" is.

SignalR is nothing but an Asynch Library which can be used to develop web applications and those applications provides some services which runs asynchronously. In other terms, SignalR is a library which can be used to create Real Time applications. In general terms, I feel the term "Real Time" means something or some event that actually happens with us at a particular time. Well, then "Real Time" in terms of a web application would mean "An immediate response sent by the Server on the Client's request". There is a brief explanation of the term Real Time here.

All right now moving towards SignalR, earlier it was not a part of the ASP.NET Family, but now Microsoft has incorporated it into VS 2012 and the .NET Framework 4.5. You can download the packa…

Tutorial: Getting Started with SignalR (C#)

SignalR is an open-source .NET library for building web applications that require live user interaction or real-time data updates. Examples include social applications, multi-user games, business collaboration, and news, weather, or financial update applications. These are often called real-time applications.

SignalR simplifies the process of building real-time applications. It combines an ASP.NET server library and a JavaScript client library to make it easier to manage client-server connections and push content updates to clients. You can add the SignalR library to an existing ASP.NET application to gain real-time functionality.

This tutorial introduces SignalR development by showing how to build a simple browser-based chat application. It walks through the following developer tasks.
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