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Classic Untangle Puzzle

Free game full of fun for train your memory and brain skills, game rather not for kids!
Goal of game is to place dots on board in way that none of lines are crossing. When line is not crossed by other line is green, otherwise it's red.

Download Now.

Play fabulous logic and board game.
What you need to do is simple and complex in the same time:

- All dots on screen are connected by lines
- Move dots around screen, and find solution where lines are not crossed.

Game with small numbers of Dots are easy, but try solving Game with more dots.


- Simple, and relaxing game

Have any problem with game? Any suggestions? You are always welcome.
If you like game, rate it with 5 stars, and share with friends! 
Have fun.

Tiles Slider Puzzle For iPhone

You love puzzle games ?

If yes then this is what you want.
Just download this and make step towards the classic slider puzzle game.

Tiles Slider Puzzle is a classic puzzle game. It supports 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8 game mode.  It contains a beautiful collection of photos with which you can play this classic puzzle game.. You can play with any of the photo and with any of the game mode at any time. Very good application for good mind people to test your mind skills and your intelligence.

Screen Shots:

Download it from iTune Store