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MSBI Interview Question’s:- Part 1

We have come up with few real-time questions asked to one of the fresher candidate during MSBI(SSIS, SSAS and SSRS) interview questions if you are one of those who is seeking for the same then below questions and answers will surely help you. 1. Is SQL Server required for MSBI Development? Yes, SQL Server is required for MSBI Development. 2. What components did you use in SSIS package development? We did use many components is SSIS like Conditional Split, Merge, Merge Join, Sort, SCD, CDC, Data Conversion, Execute Task component, Script Task, etc. 3. What is the difference between Merge & Union All? They are both transformations of SSIS. The first difference between them is that Merge can only accept two datasets as input while Union All can accept multiple datasets as input. The second main difference is that Merge requires both datasets to be sorted while Union All does not require sorting of the datasets. 4. What is an MDX query and give its sample query? MDX Query is used to r…