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Fullscreen XNA games on WP8 devices

Microsoft promised that XNA applications built for Windows Phone 7 could be run on Windows Phone 8 devices without recompiling. While binary compatibility is one thing, it doesn't mean that everything will work out of the box. One key issue is the addition of new resolutions for Windows Phone 8 devices. While developers could previously count on only one target resolution - 800x480 pixels, Windows Phone 8 devices come in two additional resolutions: 1280x768 (WXGA) and 1280x720 (also know as 720p). XNA for Windows Phone was built with one limitation - back buffer, the part of the memory that was rendered to and which was then copied on the screen, was limited to maximum resolution of 800x480. This posed no problems for Windows Phone 7 devices and poses no problem for the WVGA (800x480) Windows Phone 8 devices. Things are slightly different for the other two resolutions.
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