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Tips for dual-booting Windows 8 on Mac

Years of supporting numerous commercial users provide hard-knock, real-life lessons valuable to understanding how businesses really operate. Years of technology consulting also reveal how business users truly equip and interact with computers versus how they might wish to believe they equip and interact with desktops and laptops. Over time, and by working directly with business users operating Macs, I've learned its best to keep computer configurations as absolutely simple as possible. While technology professionals typically have no trouble keeping numerous logins straight-such as is often required for logging in to local computers, cloud-based apps, Web consoles, email platforms, CRM tools, ERP programs, EMR software, terminal services sessions, accounting solutions and more-even that simple task can prove overly complex and burdensome to end users.
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I guess you came to this post by searching similar kind of issues in any of the search engine and hope that this …