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How To improve ASP.NET MVC Application Performance

A compiled list of possible sources of improvement are below:
General Make use of a profiler to discover memory leaks and performance problems in your application. personally I suggest dotTraceRun your site in Release mode, not Debug mode, when in production, and also during performance profiling. Release mode is much faster. Debug mode can hide performance problems in your own code. Caching Use CompiledQuery.Compile() recursively avoiding recompilation of your query expressionsCache not-prone-to-change content using OutputCacheAttribute to save unnecessary and action executionsUse cookies for frequently accessed non sensitive informationUtilize ETags and expiration - Write your custom ActionResult methods if necessaryConsider using the RouteName to organize your routes and then use it to generate your links, and try not to use the expression tree based ActionLink method.Consider implementing a route resolution caching strategyPut repetitive code inside your PartialViews, avoid render it …