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Introduction to Telerik RadControls for Metro (Bar Chart)

Telerik is one of the lead providers of .NET components and development tools. At work, my group utilizes a lot of Telerik products, so when I learned that Telerik is jumping into metro style application bandwagon, I would like to try it.

The first component that I look at today is a chart component. When we talk about Line-Of-Business (LOB) application, besides grids and forms, charts are other type of controls that are used often. WinRT (either XAML or HTML) provides vector-based drawing API that we can used to draw a chart, but it is better to be able to utilize reusable components for common charts like bar, pie, or line charts.

In this post, I will create a simple bar chart using Telerik chart control for metro in XAML. As always, I will reuse my Person and SamplePeople classes that I used in other posts about Windows 8. In this example, I will plot number of my customers by gender in each state using bar chart.

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