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Getting IP address of client in Silverlight

The one thing that I have been searching so far is how to get IP address of the client in my application. I want to keep track on where a particular application, that I have created is being used. Well this is important, I think there are some girls who are using my applications and this is the best way to hunt them all down. It was long search though, to find the answer, a perfect answer. But in the end I am writing it all down. Hell Yeah!!! So to begin with, we need to write some JavaScript, my love. Let us create a new application, a silverlight application to rehearse the methodology of getting IP address. Add the following script block anywhere in the aspx page of your project.
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I guess you came to this post by searching similar kind of issues in any of the search engine and hope that this resolved your problem. If you find this tips useful, just drop a line below and share the link to others and who knows they might find it useful too.

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