Saturday, January 5, 2013

Today's iOS Developer Resources

1. Source Code For Xcode Injection Plugin Released – Allows You To Tweak Running Apps

An Xcode plugin (now open sourced) allowing you to tweak code running in the simulator or device and see the updates without the need to re-compile.

You can find the source code for Injection on Github here.

You can download Injection itself from the homepage here - this is a premium plugin, but very reasonably priced at $9.99->$25.00 considering the time it can save.

2. Free Tool For Building iOS Regular Expressions (NSRegularExpression) That Actually Work

A tool for building regular expressions on Mac that uses the same regular expression engine as the iOS SDK's NSRegularExpression so you can be certain your Regular expressions work properly.
You can download the source for the NSRegexTester tool on Github here.

You can read more about the tool on Aaron's blog here.

A great help for avoiding the frustration with building regular expressions that end up not working.

3. Example: How To Implement A Real-Time Green Screen Effect On iOS Using OpenGL ES

An example showing how to create a real time video filter using OpenGL ES that applies the green screen effect.

You can download the source code here.

You can find an updated example from Tim Sawell with a few changes that tweak the filter a little to make less yellowish colors not become transparent that will also work on retina screen iPads on Github here.

You can read some more details about the example and some tips for creating real time video filters on the Informit site here.

A great example on creating video filters on the iOS platform.

4. Open Source Control Providing A Highly Customizable Image Based UISwitch Replacement

An open source control for a highly customizable image based UISwitch replacement.

A PSD file is included containing the different images used in creating a basic switch that you can play around with.  You'll also find example images included in the demo project.

You can find TTSwitch on Github here.

On the Github page you'll find several examples of the other variables you can tweak in customizing buttons with this UI control in addition to changing images.

5. Example: Create A 3D iBooks Style Transition That Acts As An Xcode Storyboard Segue

An objective-c example showing how to create a 3D transition effect inspired by the iBOoks bookshelf effect that can be used within Xcode's storyboard tool as a segue.

You can find GC3DFlipTransitionStyleSegue on Github here with usage instructions.

A great example on creating 3D transitions using OpenGL ES that can be used as a segue.

6. Category Extending NSString Allowing You To Use FontAwesome Icons In Your Apps

A category extending NSString so you can easily use the free/open source iconic FontAwesome containing 100s of great looking icons.

You can download FontAwesome+iOS from Github here.

You can find the FontAwesome homepage here.

An easy way to use these great looking icons within your apps.

7. Objective-C Dependency Injection Framework Using A Spring-Style Approach

An objective-c dependency injection framework modeled after the Java Spring framework.

You can find Spring Objective-C through Github here.

You'll find an extensive example on the Github page.

8. Open Source Project Providing An API For Working With Different iOS Analytics Services

An open source objective-c project that provides an API that works with many different iOS analytics services.

You can find the ARAnalytics project with further instructions on Github here.

You can find out how to install the Cocoapods Ruby Gem from the homepage here.

A great project if you're looking to test out different Analytics services.

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