Friday, January 18, 2013

Today's iOS Developer Resources

Today's iOS Developer Resources

1. Framework Providing A Lightweight Node.js Compatible Server That Runs Within iOS Apps

A framework allowing you to create a Node.js compatible javascript server that runs within your iOS Objective-C apps.

You can find neu.Node on Github here with detailed information and an example project containing several different demonstration servers including a chat server, and a streaming video server.

After loading up the demo project and starting a server you'll find it running at port 8000.

2. Example: Rendering The Milky Way Galaxy On iOS Devices Using OpenGL ES

An example demonstrating how to render the massive Milky Way galaxy in full 3D using OpenGL ES and running on the iOS platform.

You can find the OpenGLMilkyWay example on Github here.

You can find this example in use in Hanno's impressive ExoPlanet app.

There's a PDF included in the Github repository providing some slides explaining a bit more into the techniques used for this impressive example.

3. iOS Library For Automatically Creating CRUD Interfaces (Scaffolding) Using A Core Data Model

An iOS Objective-C library that automatically creates create, read, update and delete (CRUD) scaffolding based on a Core Data model.

You can find SDScaffoldKit on Github here.

Just like with a Rails project it's highly unlikely you'd release an iOS app with some basic untouched scaffolding, but it provides a good starting point.

4. Alternative Objective-C Static Code Analyzer With Complexity Checking/Easily Customizable Rules

A static code analyzer tool that works with Objective-C providing an easy to customize ruleset and the capability of checking code complexity.

You can find the OCLint homepage here with links to binary downloads and the source can be found on Github here.

You can find the documentation for changing the rules here.

I tested this tool from the command line, but there is an experiemental helper program for working with Xcode.

If you take a look at the rules directory of the source code you can play around with and tweak rules.

If you've created, or come across any iOS developer resources that you'd like to share you can submit them in below comment section.

I guess you came to this post by searching similar kind of issues in any of the search engine and hope that this resolved your problem. If you find this tips useful, just drop a line below and share the link to others and who knows they might find it useful too.

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