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Today's iOS Developer Resources

Today's iOS Developer Resources

1. Safari/Chrome Extension Allows You To Hide/Rename Apple Provisioning Portal App IDs

A handy Chrome/Safari extension that allows you to hide and rename App IDs in the iOS provisioning portal since Apple won't let you delete or rename them.

If you're using Safari you can download the extension here.

If you're using Chrome you can get it from the Chrome Web Store here.

You can find the source on Github here with links to the latest versions.

A simple plugin that can be a great help if you've got a lot of App ID's clouding your view in the provisioning portal.

2. Open Source iOS UI Control Providing Evernote Folder Style Navigation

An iOS UI control inspired by Evernote allowing you to make a navigation controller that looks like a stack of files complete with animations.

You can find KLNoteViewController on Github here.

A great looking navigation control providing a large level of customization.

3. An Open Source iOS Image Cropping UI Control With Movable Edge Points

An iOS UI control for creating an image cropping control allowing you to crop oddly sized areas of an image by providing drag and drop adjustment points.

You can find JBCroppableView on Github here.

A great control if you need more than basic image cropping.

4. Tutorial: How To Analyze iOS Crash Reports (With Examples)

A tutorial on how to analyze Apple iOS crash reports providing analysis of some example crash reports.

You can read the in-depth guide here.

You also might want to take a look at the WWDC 2010 videos (Developer login required).

A nice guide if you're having trouble deciphering Apple crash reports and want some real examples.

5. Tutorial: How To Create Great Looking Layouts With UICollectionView

An in-depth tutorial on how to make great looking layouts using UICollectionView.

You can find the tutorial on Brian's blog here.

The source code for the tutorial can be found on Github here.

6. An Efficient Open Source iOS Multistroke And Single Stroke Complex Gesture Recognition Library

An open source library for recognizing complex gestures whether made from a single or multiple strokes.

You can read more about $P gesture recognizer and download it from the homepage here.

A great project for handling different types of complex gestures.

7. Easily Customizable UIAlertView Replacement With Support For A Blocks-Based Syntax

An open source customizable UIAlertVIew replacement allowing you to use blocks for callbacks, and customizations.

You can find WCAlertView on Github here.

A nice UIAlertView replacement for those looking for custom coloring and a cleaner syntax.

If you've created, or come across any iOS developer resources that you'd like to share you can submit them in below comment section.

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