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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Configuring ASP.NET Core Applications in Azure App Service

The .NET Core framework has a nice robust configuration framework. You will normally see the following (or something akin to it) in the cons...
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Setting up Hangfire in an ASP.NET Web API Application

If you want to run some background tasks inside your ASP.NET Web API application, I strongly suggest you have a look at Hangfire. You ...
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Friday, February 3, 2017


You've just finished your new app, and you go to show it off to a friend, and they say "Those red buttons look kind of harsh. What ...
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Safely unboxing the swift language : Map function

Map is a function that converts a collection into another collection. It applies a transformation operation to each element in the input col...
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iOS : Smooth Scrolling in UITableView and UICollectionView

As most iOS developers know, displaying sets of data is a rather common task in building a mobile app. Apple's SDK provides two componen...
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Understanding memory leaks in closures

Ahh memory leaks… At first you don't even know they can exist, then you ignore them, and then you start seeing them everywhere without k...
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14 must knows for an iOS developer

As an iOS developer (currently addicted to Swift 😍). I have created apps from scratch, maintained apps and, been in a lot of different team...
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