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Offline English to Urdu Dictionary

مفت ڈاؤن لوڈ - انگریزی سے اردو ڈکشنری

Are you a student ? Do you want to learn English ?Do you want to know the meaning in real Urdu font. Then "Offline English to Urdu Dictionary" is for you. A complete offline English to Urdu trainer and dictionary. You also can say its English to Hindi Dictionary. Indian Dictionary, Pakistan Dictionary, Asian Dictionary etc.

100% Free Offline English to Urdu dictionary.

Download from here

You can always search for any word and then tapping on it will give you its meanings in Urdu language. Meanings are displayed in real Urdu font.

With its clear definitions and carefully chosen up-to-date vocabulary from all areas of life the "Offline English to Urdu Dictionary" will meet your everyday language needs and will make your trips more comfortable and fun.

Its the best Urdu dictionary for travelers, businessmen, players, students, children, teachers, learners, boys and girls from all fields of life.

- No need of Internet. Work offline withou…

Kids Islamic Names

Completely Offline and FREE collection of 5000+ of Islamic names with meanings for Muslim baby.
Find the right name for your baby from our collection of Muslim baby names using this simple app.

Why choose Islamic baby names in Urdu? Because Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was very particular of it. 1. Select baby names from names of prophets and Asmaul Husna - 99 names of Allah (Names of God). 2. Collection of several historic names and traditional Arabic names from holy islamic books. 3. Meaning of all islamic girls name and islamic boys name are detailed in English, for every Muslim names. Eg:- "Abdullah" means "Slave of Allah". 4. List of muslim names are separated by gender; separate list for Muslim girls & boys names. 5. Allah names are clearly mentioned in the app for easy selection. 6. Add to favourite feature to save the best names for your baby. 7. Islamic names for girls and boys provided for muslim boys and muslim girls. 8. Names dictionary search f…

iPhone Application for Islamic Duas

Islamic Duas is an app designed for Muslims around the world who don’t get the time to go through Islamic books and are looking for authentic duas to pray. This app is a solution to all your needs as every Muslim knows that a prayer in time can save you from a lot of trouble. This app carries important Islamic duas for different occasions, daily life events and end of prayer duas to seek forgiveness from Allah etc. These Islamic duas are collected from authentic sources and are very beneficial in life of a Muslim. The app is available for free for iOS and Android users. Use the following buttons to download the ap. 

Download from here:

Muslim Some of the Islamic duas included in Muslim Dua Now are: Duas for dressing/undressing/new clothesDuas for entering and leaving restroomDuas Before and After AblutionDuas for hearing AdhanDuas for Entering and leaving mosqueDua against distraction from ShaytanDuas for protection from evilDuas before and after eatingDuas to recite when fearing harm fro…

Places to Submit Your App For a Free Review

When you're launching a new app, you want everyone in the world to see it. But many of the application review sites you will find in Google are spammy or require a payment for submittal. 
Try this list for free application review submittals.
Before you submit, do a little prep work. You will need a promo code if your application is not free. And your application will have a much better chance of getting reviews if you create a fantastic demo video. That way reviewers don't have to download your application to see just how fun and fantastic it is!
When you are ready to get started, here are your marching orders:
11 Great Application Review Sites to Submit Your Application For a Free Review…

iPhone application for Urdu Recipes

Looking for delicious food recipes in Urdu? or want something new to cook today? Get Urdu Recipes for your iPhone and start cooking the new dish.

Muslim Urdu Recipes is a collection of hundreds of food recipes in Urdu language. 

Categories include: 1- Chikken Pakwan
2- Sabzian
3- Dalain
4- Chines Pakwan
5- Chawal (Rise)
6- Raita
7- Salad
8- Sweet dishes
9- Drinks

All the recipes are simple and by following the instructions mentioned in the written form for each recipe. Latest collection of distinctive and best Pakistani recipes. Choose your favourite recipe from huge collection of recipes. This application has a vast variety of recipes like: cake, pasta, Asian food and other.

You can navigate through the Application Very easily. Interface of this App is very easy and nice looking. We have used good looking urdu font to increase readability.

This application is a handy recipe guide for hundreds of recipes in your pocket at all times. A must download for people who love to make cooking. Quickly learn …