Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Kids Islamic Names

Completely Offline and FREE collection of 5000+ of Islamic names with meanings for Muslim baby.
Find the right name for your baby from our collection of Muslim baby names using this simple app.

Why choose Islamic baby names in Urdu? Because Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was very particular of it.
1. Select baby names from names of prophets and Asmaul Husna - 99 names of Allah (Names of God).
2. Collection of several historic names and traditional Arabic names from holy islamic books.
3. Meaning of all islamic girls name and islamic boys name are detailed in English, for every Muslim names. Eg:- "Abdullah" means "Slave of Allah".
4. List of muslim names are separated by gender; separate list for Muslim girls & boys names.
5. Allah names are clearly mentioned in the app for easy selection.
6. Add to favourite feature to save the best names for your baby.
7. Islamic names for girls and boys provided for muslim boys and muslim girls.
8. Names dictionary search feature to look up your name and find its islamic meaning.
9. Vast options for muslim baby names in urdu, hindi and in arabic.
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