Sunday, January 15, 2012

WPF Data Binding Tutorial 1

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is ships part of .NET frame work and Develop our GUI application 2D,3D,graphics animation and media content using in this WPF.

In advantage of WPF  to less your coding in application.and Easier animation and special effects,Inherent Scalability Inherent scalability 

The developer has to manually write the Code update each UI Elements That Display value stored in the object member .In WPF you can less your code greatly by binding the object directly with the UI using XAML syntax.A developer typically  creates a class to represent an entity (table) in the database,where CRUD operations performed by Calling methods on the objects.

I will Converting 3 different approaches for displaying data in the object onto the UI using WPF

  •    Basic of WPF Binding
  •    Using c#[INotifyPropertyChanged]
  •    Using c# and XAML[INotifyPropertyChanged and XAML]