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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Android Applications - Sydsvenskan Nyheter

News and news alerts from, southern Sweden's leading news, direct to your mobile.

- News Alerts at major events. Select the topics you want to receive push notifications about.
- The app is free for all!
- As a subscriber, you have access to an unlimited number of articles each month.
- All content from Malmö, Lund, around the clock, sports, domestic, international and more.

Sydsvenskan is southern Sweden's leading morning newspaper and convey news and events in Malmö, Lund and municipalities thereabouts, but also gives you the news from Sweden and the world. Sydsvenskan examine, touch, maintain and take a stand.

New in version 6.1.14
- Completely redesigned.
- Better performance and faster load times.
- Help and you can customize the menu to your favorites.
- Improved ability to customize your news feed, log in and follow the topics and writers.
- New article layout for a better reading experience with picture viewer that lets you zoom in and enlarge.

News from Sydsvenskan in Skåne, Sweden. Gives you access to the latest news from

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