Wednesday, April 2, 2014

SQLite Database Support in Android

Most of us are familiar with at least some of the persistence features Core Data offers us out of the box. Unfortunately, many of those things aren't automatic on the Android platform. For instance, Core Data abstracts away most of the SQL syntax and database normalization concerns facing database engineers every day. Since Android only provides a thin client to SQLite, you'll still need to write SQL and ensure your database tables are appropriately normalized. Core Data allows us to think in terms of objects. In fact, it handles marshaling and unmarshaling objects automatically. It manages to perform very well on mobile devices because it provides record-level caching. It doesn't create a separate instance of an object each time the same piece of data is requested from the store. Observation of changes to an object are possible without requiring a refresh each time the object is inspected. This isn't the case for Android. You are completely responsible for writing objects into and reading them from the database. This means you must also implement object caching (if desired), manage object instantiation, and manually perform dirty checking of any objects already in existence. With Android, you'll need to watch out for version-specific functionality. Different versions of Android ship with different implementations of SQLite. This means the exact same database instructions may give wildly different results across platform versions. A query may perform much differently based on which version of SQLite is executing it.

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