Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Today iOS Development Resources, Open Sources, Articles, Tutorials and Samples

Today iOS Development Resources, Open Sources, Articles, Tutorials and Samples

1- Open Source Component For Easily Creating Customizable Animated Pop-Out Widget Menus

An open source component allowing you to easily create animated pop out menus with a customizable layout (linear, arch, and circular layouts built in), and support for a number of different gestures:

You can find DLWidgetMenu on Github here.
A great component for making animated curved menu.

2- Tutorial: Building A Weather App With Functional Objective-C Programming Using ReactiveCocoa

A tutorial explaining the basics of functional programming in Objective-C using ReactiveCocoa in the creation of a stylish weather app:

You can find the tutorial in two parts here: Part 1, Part 2.
A nice tutorial for those interested in functional programming, and learning some best practices from an experienced iOS developer.

3- Customizable iOS Action Sheet Component With Support For Titles, Images, Maps And More

An open source customizable action sheet component with a number of interesting features like custom titles, easy image and map embedding, and more:

You can find DoActionSheet on Github here.

A very nice action sheet control.

4- An Xcode Plugin Enabling Easy Use Of The Clang Source Code Formatting Tool

An Xcode plugin that makes it easy to use the Clang formatting tool providing a menu with a selection of built in formats, and custom formats that can be implemented whenever code is saved:

You can find ClangFormat-Xcode on Github here.

A handy plugin for formatting your code.
If you have an iOS developer resources that you'd like to share you can submit them in below comment section.
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