Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Android - Stock Market Watch (COINS) in C# using Visual Studio 2010

Welcome to COINS Mobile - All Exchange Market Watch "COINS Mobile" allows you to watch Stock Market Data. It illustrates proper application architecture layering and uses a common code base for the Business Layer and Data Layer. It then separates out the User Interface and Application Layer into the appropriate device-applications. This article discusses the power of C# to build a Professional Application for Android. The purpose of writing this article is to understand what you can do with C# using Visual Studio 2010 similar to how you would develop a Windows Application in C#. All credit goes to Xamarin to provide such a beautiful platform for .NET developers to build application in Android. Being a .NET developer (even though I started building Android Applications a few years back), I started using Java/Davlink using Eclipse Java. With a little bit effort, within a couple of weeks I built a sample application in Java, but I faced few problems in consuming web methods (.NET Web Services). I had to use Android ksoap (lightweight SOAP client library for the Android platform) which is not very straightforward. Moreover there are still learning curves to understand and get acquainted with the Java language and Eclipse IDE (specially for .NET developers). So, I started evaluating Xamarin Mono using C# as a base language for Android. This is not intended to be a comprehensive discussion of each feature but I will try my level best to break down the whole application and elaborate, step by step, how to build a professional Android Application in C#. I am sure you'll be able to leverage your existing knowledge of C# and Visual Studio to quickly build a Professional Android Application.

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