Monday, February 25, 2013

How To Make a Cross-Platform Game with Cocos2D Javascript Tutorial: Getting Started

Did you know you can make a Cocos2D game that runs on the iPhone, Mac, Android, and web all sharing the same exact code?

Don't believe me? Try clicking the screenshot over on the right – it's actually a Cocos2D game!

You can do this with an amazing new Cocos2D technology called Cocos2D Javascript. It allows you to write your gameplay code once, and run it anywhere – with full native speed.

The only problem is this new techology is a bit under-documented at the moment. But never fear – we've got you covered! :]

In this tutorial, you will port the classic Ninjas Going Pew-Pew game to Cocos2D-Javascript. I like implementing this game when learning new frameworks because it's simple, but covers the most important aspects of making a game.

✔

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