Monday, January 2, 2012

Are You Interested In Using .NET & C# To Make iPhone Apps?

Believe it or not, I cut my teeth in programming by learning .NET and C# for Windows computers. The reason I went this route, like thousands of other programmers, is that Windows was used where I used to work. And knowing .NET is like having a key to doing anything you want on Windows computers. For the years I programmed in .NET I did enjoy the experience.

The first thing I asked when I wanted to make iPhone apps was, Can I do this on Windows and/or with the tools I'm familiar with like .NET?

Three years ago the answer was NO.  Today, you have tons of options including .NET, HTML and JavaScript.  You still need a Mac though.  A few weeks ago I sat in on a talk by Mike Bluestein on how to make iPhone apps with .NET using MonoTouch.  Being a .NET veteren I decided to give MonoTouch a go.

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