Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jump start Windows Workflow Foundation

Jump Start Windows Workflow Foundation

Once a veteran programmer was asked to define his professional developer's career in as few words as possible. His answer was "passion", "excitement" and "learning". And that's absolutely true as new, bleeding edge, exciting technologies/frameworks/languages keep flooding the technology limelight; we programmers fuel our passion of we-can-do-anything by mastering them.

One of the newest buzz phrases in the industry is "Windows Workflow Foundation" (WF). This article is aimed at getting a jump start into it to fuel excitement and pump up passion. Basic knowledge of .NET Framework is the only prerequisite for marching on with this jump-start tutorial. Examples are in C#, but VB.NET lovers are also invited to the show as this is all about framework, and if they can understand the pseudo code, programming it in VB.NET must be trivial.