Friday, August 19, 2011

Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit - August 2011 (7.1 SDK) Released

Microsoft released the new stable version of "Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit (SDK 7.1)" at Codeplex. This is the first stable build after the February 2011 release. This release features several new controls and fixes to the existing controls.   In this post find the new controls that has been added to this release. Also find the setup link and urls to the release notes.   What's New in August 2011 Release? In this release the Windows Phone 7 Toolkit team added the following new controls to the library: PhoneTextBox DateTimePickers LockablePivots MultiSelectList LongListSelector HubTitle ExpanderView HeaderedItemsControl They also updated several existing controls which improves performance and several bug fixes. Till now, the following controls are present in the Toolkit: AutoCompleteBox, ContextMenu, DatePicker, DateTimeConverters, DatePicker, ExpanderView, GestureService/