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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Which JavaScript frameworks should you learn in 2018?

Let me first define what I think a coding framework is because the word is debatable. I think a framework is a library that defines structures about every aspect or layer that can make the task of creating applications easier. By layers, I mean things like databases, models, controllers, views, presenters, networks, etc..Frameworks try to solve most of the big and known problems that are usually encountered by their applications. They have built-in design decisions that you do not need to worry about. They also have carefully-crafted guidelines.Good frameworks also have smart defaults and follow the convention over configuration concept. The leader of this is the Ruby on Rails framework, which is one of my favorites. In JavaScript land, the leading JavaScript frameworks out there are Angular and Ember.Now that we cleared this point, let me answer the question in the title: Which JavaScript frameworks should you learn in 2018?My answer: None.Let me explain why.Unless you are in a job that requires you to use a framework, don't learn frameworks just for the sake of learning.

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